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mlb jerseys

Some bags don;t translate well in photos.  Sometimes it;s because of the flash, sometimes it;s because of the finish of the leather, and in the case of the Gucci Icon Bit Tote, it appears that both of those elements are culprits.Of course,[url=http://www.sbggames.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url], it;s difficult to photograph any kind of patent leather (or any other shiny material, for that matter), but it seems that the oddly liquid-like multicolor pattern (can you call it a pattern?) that is going on here makes it even more difficult.  Normally I;m a lover of loud bags and odd colors, but this one has me confounded and makes me think that I;d have to see it in person to really get any sort of idea about it.  And even then,[url=http://www.osuwrfc.com/nfljerseys.html]cheap nfl jerseys[/url], if the picture looks anything like the bag actually does, I don;t think I;d like it.  Patent, when combined with metallics and iridescence in this way, tend to show every finger print or oil of any kind.  For something that is so often touched,[url=http://www.dawnrichardblog.com/Baseball.html]baseball jerseys[/url], that;s simply not a good look.  The shape is functional and simple,[url=http://home.zzz4.com/]www.chutewp.com/online.html[/url], which is nice, but this bag has too many other odd things working against it.  Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1190.

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